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Elegant Hire


Project Specifications

  • Re-design | Build | Maintain
  • php | css | JavaScript

Abbey Catering has multiple sites offering their varying services to the public. However these sites had been designed in a wysiwyg editor and were very basic.

They liked the basic design scheme, but needed greater functionality and a more professional edge.

I took the design as was, and revamped it, creating graphics from scratch in Photoshop, and editing their store of photographs to fit into the design correctly.

They also required form elements for booking online and enquiring about catering jobs. I provided this through what proved to be a rather large complicated form. This is the part I am most proud of.

The form is cross-browser tested, enabling the user to show or hide sections. Programming ensures that the user completes all necessary parts of the form before sending it off, and validates their email address. It also provides an estimate of price for Elegant Hire.


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