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Systems integration is increasingly not only about the compatibility and interoperability of technology, but also how an organisation integrates its systems with its people and processes to make the best possible use of its knowledge base.

The key to effective systems integration lies not only in the IT investments which your organisation makes, but more importantly, in the way in which it is employed within your business.

Trade66 works in partnership with its customers to make positive changes which will enhance business performance through improved use of information and tools.

Our skills and experience with all major networking brands and platforms makes us the ideal choice for installing new networks or auditing and updating current networks.

Trade66 will propose a system migration path, with any issues and recommendations highlighted in order to ensure the best possible return on investment. Where required, a 'proof of concept' can be undertaken, replicating the proposed system within a test environment in order to identify and resolve any problems before the system goes live.



Trade66 Engineers are all highly trained, friendly IT professionals.

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